Free Estimate for New Garage Doors

We can supply and fit new garage doors to properties from Selsey to Brighton. Including Worthing, Littlehampton, Storrington and Lancing.
We install Canopy, Retractable, Side Hinged and Sectional garage doors manufactured from Steel, GRP and Timber.

Do you have a Timber frame?

One of the most common questions we are asked is “can you fit a new door into my existing timber frame?”
We can usually fit a new Up-and-Over Garage door into your existing timber frame, providing the timber size is approximately 70mm x 70mm, and is in good condition.
Should the existing timber frame be structural (ie. supporting brickwork etc.) and in need of replacement, we can fit a new timber frame. Alternatively, we could arrange for a reinforced concrete or steel lintel to be installed, in order to fit a new garage door with it’s own steel frame.
If the existing timber frame is not structural, it may be cost effective to remove it and fit a steel frame.
It is important to note that steel frames supplied with garage doors are not designed for (or capable of) supporting any significant weight. There should always be a suitable timber frame or lintel above the steel frame to support any brickwork or roof, and allow for live loads.

Why is a site visit important?

Estimating for a new garage door over the telephone is unlikely to provide an accurate quote, and any prices given will be subject to a site visit. There can be important additional factors to consider, other than the cost of the door.

As written above, the existing timber frame is usually the primary concern, unless the frame is not structural and is to be removed. If you have an integral garage or are thinking about changing from side hinged (opening out) doors to an Up-and-Over door, other considerations are internal obstructions. Are the utility meters, gas lines, consumer unit and wiring positioned well away from the opening?
Roof joists and internal piers can also present difficulties when changing from one type of door mechanism to another.
Could a wider door be fitted behind the opening, or are you considering automating the door now or later?
Also deserving quick mentions are headroom, opening width squareness, garage construction, side doors and windows, floor levels, outside obstructions, scope of use and a site risk assessment.

Only by visiting your site, surveying the garage and conversing with you, can an accurate quote be given.
Current garage door and steel frame price lists are available on the manufacturer websites (popular links below).

All of our site surveys are performed by a fully experienced fitter and will take around 15 minutes, we do not employ pushy salespeople.

Once our estimate is complete, we will email a pdf. quote separating the individual costs of the major items/works required, so you are fully informed of how the total has been calculated.

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